About Sunrise Tint

For all your automotive customizing needs! Tired of ugly gaps on your window tint? We're the only ones that go right to the edge of the window! Come see us soon! We also do custom vinyl decals! All lights and accessories, such as chrome handles, bed rails, custom grilles, L.E.D. taillights, H.I.D. headlights, exhaust kits, tires and wheels, engine performance upgrades, fuel economy boosters, and sooo much more!! Automotive Customizing • Everything from Window Tint, Stereos, Lift Kits, all types of Accessories to spice up your ride!

Sunrise Tint
1250 W Sunset Blvd 84770
St George, UT
Phone: 435-628-6266
E-mail: ztintter@aol.com